News and Announcements

Saturday 12th March, our Juniors made yet another trip to Cams Hill School in Gosport for the third Hampshire Volleyball Association Junior Grand Prix. The Eagles took part with three teams: an Under 14 Girls’ Team, an Under 14 Boys’ Team and an Under 12s Mixed Team, with a total of 15 players taking part.Our young athletes competed against clubs from all over Hampshire, including South Hants, New Forest and Farnborough. Our coaches Andy and Angie were once again very impressed by the quick progress made by all players. Great improvements were noticed not only compared to the Eagles’ performance in the last Junior HVA Grand Prix a couple of months ago, but also throughout the day. With every game played, our Eaglets grew stronger, more confident and more aggressive in their serves and attacks. The hard work done at training in the last few weeks on defence and serve receive also paid off, with our pass getting better with every set and more and more calls for the ball heard on court. There were moments of brilliance, with serving aces, three touches building up an attack, blocking, and even linking and rescuing the ball. Great volleyball skills all around. It was great to see the teams gelling, players encouraging and supporting each other, awesome team spirit and a good dose of resilience when playing against more experienced sides. Our Most Valuable Player award today went to Erwann for a superb overall performance and for his positive attitude. A big thank you to all the parents for making the trip and coming to support our Juniors. We look forward to seeing you all again at the next HVA Junior Grand Prix on 22nd May.

On Saturday 15th January, our juniors took part in their second Hampshire Volleyball Association tournament. This time, HVA made entries available only in the Under 14s and Under 16s categories and the Eagles fielded four teams. With no Under 12s, the two Eagles Under 12s teams – “White Tailed Eagles” (Mixed) and “Brown Snake Eagles” (Girls) had to compete in the Under 14s categories, together with the two “Black Eagles” teams (Under 14 Boys and the Under 14 Girls).
Once again, all our athletes impressed us and made all parents and coaches extremely proud. The Under 12s fought very bravely against older, bigger and more experienced players and even managed to beat some of the Under 14s teams.
Our Under 14s had to face some very strong and skilful squads but they immediately rose to the challenge. They certainly surprised us all when they started blocking and hitting to keep up with the opposition, using skills that we had not had time to introduce at practice yet.
It was lovely to see what an impressive progress all our players made in just a few months. There was great team play, aggressive serves, lots of three touches and rallies and even some improvised hits, tips and blocks.
We all look forward to seeing them perform again at the next HVA tournament on 12th March.

On Sunday 21st November, our juniors competed in their first ever volleyball tournament, taking part in the Hampshire Volleyball Association Junior Grand Prix in Fareham. The juniors’ uptake for the competition was incredible and the Eagles were able to enter three teams in the Under 14s category and two teams in the Under 12s. With a contingent of 20 players across five teams, the Winchester Eagles were the Club with the highest number of athletes competing, a great achievement for a volleyball club that has only started its junior sessions a few weeks ago.
The Eagles’ accomplishments, however, did not stop there. Coaches Andy, Angie, Robin and Saffi felt extremely proud of all our junior players, who displayed great skills, team spirit and resilience in all their games and fought on undeterred even when facing more experienced players who had been training together for years.
A special mention goes to our mixed Under 12s team, who took everyone by surprise and took home the gold, coming first in their category. What a smashing start of the season and what a success for such young players who have only just started playing volleyball.
All our athletes performed incredibly well throughout the day. Each team consisted of four players and played six games against teams from other Hampshire clubs, including Portchester, South Hants and Farnborough. Our juniors even learnt some refereeing skills, as they were called to score, line judge and referee other teams’ games.
Our club coaches’ award went to Peter, who displayed great team spirit by constantly encouraging his team mates during their games not only when they scored points but also when they made mistakes.
Finally, a huge THANK YOU to all the parents and carers who not only drove our juniors all the way to Fareham but also stayed on to cheer them on and support them.
The juniors section of the Winchester Eagles Volleyball Club is growing fast and is very promising. Our athletes are training hard week after week and are continually improving their skills. We look forward to seeing them compete again in January in the next HVA Junior Grand Prix.

The Hampshire Volleyball Associations Junior Grand Prix Festival, on Sunday 21st November 2021 at Cams Hill School Fareham 12:30pm – 4pm.
Competitions will be split across 3 age groups Under 12s, Under 14s and Under 16s, sub-grouped by experience.

Winchester Eagles Volleyball Club launches its Junior team training session at the new leisure centre in Winchester in September. The sessions are planned for Under 14s aligned to school years 6, 7 & 8 mixed and run every Saturday 9:30 – 10:30am (starting 4th September).